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Introduction to Color

Whether you are looking to match, accentuate, or contrast the masonry units on your masonry project, flamingo-BRIXMENT is recognized as the premier product in the building trade when designing with color masonry mortars. flamingo-BRIXMENT represents the merger of two of the oldest and most trusted names in color masonry cement, BRIXMENT-in-Colors® and flamingo custom color cement®. For over 70 years, architects and designers have relied on flamingo-BRIXMENT cement for total color control over their masonry projects and to add one final creative dimension to their work. Many architects and designers recognize the enormous impact that the 20% of wall area represented by the mortar joints can make on their projects and they seize the opportunity to set their work apart.

So, whichever tool you choose to use, let your creativity flow and you will see the dramatic impact that flamingo-BRIXMENT color masonry mortars can have on your project.

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